You are what you eat. Your food can fuel an imbalance that manifested itself in a diagnosable disease, or it can restore homeostasis and support the body’s innate ability for self-healing.

The underlying cause of ALL diseases is inflammation. An improper ph level is just another term to describe the same thing: Inflammation.

There are two ways the ph level of bodily fluids changes, and body tissues get inflamed:

  1. the food we ingest already has an acidic property to it
  2. the digestion of certain foods creates waste or by-products that are acidic
  3. the immune system triggers an inflammatory response. Inflammation is the first non-specific response of the immune system reacting to anything the body senses as an insult, injury or wrongful invader. Ingestion of any processed food will always trigger an immune response. Cooked, microwaved or refined foods all trigger this type of inflammatory reaction.

Here it might seem logical to revert to a high alkaline plant-based diet. And that will for sure help reverse inflammation. However without certain compounds your endocrine system will sway off course. By nature the building blocks for all hormones are more acidic substances such as amino acids along with corresponding trace minerals for proper assimilation and sterols to synthesis cholesterol.

Recalibrating your immune and endocrine system is a very delicate process that relies on a deep understanding of nutritional science.

In your “Health Upgrade” program you will not only learn which foods to replace with better options but more so, we will focus on the right combination of foods to improve their nutritional quality and provide you with the highest form of nourishment for your return to a Healthy You.

Your food will become your medicine.

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